Shelter shell

May 2021
My immense fear of rejection is a constant factor in social interactions and love affairs.
On one hand I deeply need attention, love, and sex, to feel good about myself, and not fall into depression.
On the other hand this hunger for love and attention keeps the fear awake, which frightens me, and makes me hide from the outside world.

What if they don't want me? They don't want me. I don't need them.
Why doesn't she want me? I don't need her.
What am I doing here? Nobody sees me.
Is there an escape? Any escape? Drugs don't work. Alcohol is a loser. Sex? Sex! Big fat fucking sex!

Inside a room, on a mattress. Warm. Heat is up, clothes are gone. 2 persons, maybe 3. Loving eachother. Being wanted, so fucking obviously!
These are the moments fear is gone.
Finding shelter in a soft shell of fluff, pink, puss and penis.
Close the lid and get smothered. Bye-bye outside world. Not a bad way to end.

Materials: Acrylic one; Silicone; iron frame
Dimensions: approx. 15 x 18 x 12 cm.
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