Crawler hanging Crawler on the cross Crawler stuck to a rock 2 Crawler stuck to a rock
Living in the overcrowded city of Utrecht, the overcrowded province of Utrecht, the overcrowded country of The Netherlands, and well, in an overcrowded world even, I often envision the total human population as crawling limbless creatures. Like maggots in a jar. All trying to reach some other end, some goal or destination, but who succeeds? Even sitting still is not an option, as there are so many moving bodies around you. We are all in the same jar, on the same planet.
Where social media should bind us together, festivals, movies and theater should entertain us, it mainly just overwhelms me. There is so much going on, all the time and everywhere. I don't experience FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), but instead fear the Fact Of Too Much Input (FOTMI).
Who am I in this world? What is my value? What is yours?

Materials used: Silicone, Acrylic One, wood
Dimensions: varying between 8 and 20 cm.
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