Unlucky star

Unlucky star
You cannot unhear. There is no unseeing. Ignoring your memories may come in close, but it's absolutely not the same. Except for death and brain disease, you are stuck with your memories.
Now I did the following to myself, and do not regret, but also regret immensely. I listened to a podcast episode of the respectable Dutch research journalism platform Argos, about Ritual child abuse.
Although the reported evilness did not happen to myself or anyone in my direct surroundings (afaik), I have a very weak heart for any mistreated child, let alone abused children.

Having heard the dramatic things these children have gone through, the mental images now never go away, and often haunt me when I am already in bad shape. It is my numero uno for believing this world is fucked beyond repair.
Worse even, children are still going through this, due to a complete and institutional ignoring of police reports in The Netherlands. (read or listen to the podcast, see links)

In case you're thinking "Q-Anon"... NO! That's insane rubbish.
The story I just mentioned has had so much research and fact-checking, contains many cross-references from different sources, and is backed up by so many different trustworthy parties, it can't be put away as some idiot group's crazy thought.
Q-anon on he other hand, is an idiotic collection of many different stories and alternative beliefs, where facts and fiction often overlap, or facts do not even exist.

In a way to ventilate this subject, I decided to make an artwork. One of a girl, hanging upside-down on a satanic star sign, her body being mis-used as a fucking candle holder. If you think I am the crazy idiot here, read or listen to the podcast.

* Podcast (Dutch): https://www.vpro.nl/argos/media/afleveringen/2020/uitzending-27-juni-ritueel-misbruik.html
* Podcast transcript (English): https://www.vpro.nl/argos/lees/nieuws/2020/glass-shards-and-dark-rituals-english-transcript-.html
* Q&A about podcast (Dutch): https://www.vpro.nl/argos/lees/nieuws/2020/q-en-a-ritueel-misbruik.html

Materials used: Silicone, Bird wire, Ribbons
Dimensions: 38 x 50 cm. (excl. ribbons)
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