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New sculpture
April 18, 2022
Yes! Finished a new sculpture just now, Feminine Fear, which came out the way I wanted, and also had a long creation process which I really enjoyed. Materials are finally assisting and helping me, instead of working against me.
This sculpture gives me many new angles for future sculptures to work on. It kind of feels like I made a Proof of Concept, from which I can now expand infinitely :-)
KunstKoers 2022
April 10, 2022
Exciting times! I submitted my proposal for the exhibition KunstKoers 2022 last week. The proposal is to construct a very large and high artwork, made out of all recycled and trash materials, as a tribute to all the left-over materials and trash created while making art.

Last year, for KunstKoers 2021, there were 31 proposals submitted, and 7 chosen. I am eagerly waiting to find out if I made it this year. And rather sooner then later by the way, as there is only one month between the announcements and the opening of the exhibition itself! SpeedArt@KunstKoers ;)
Pakje Kunst
April 8, 2022
It was quite a while ago when I joined Pakje Kunst, and submitted my tiny Caged Corona artworks.
It is such an enjoyable program, both to create mini artworks, and to hear back from people who found my artwork in their "Pakje" (=small pack). Also, I heard back from many people at the bar in De Nijverheid, which has a Pakje Kunst machine, who usually couldn't wait to tell me the response of visitors who found my artwork! So nice to be in a community where people are proud of one-another :)

Today was special as well, as I received payment for the previously submitted artworks. Most special was the currency itself: no digital bank transfer, no bank notes, but instead an envelope with a big stack of 2 euro coins, coming directly from the vending machines! The weight of these coins, the sound of them, and the many old memories of using physical currency, it all made me very proud of these "heavy" earnings. I now keep them in a safe spot for something special :)

By the way, my next Pakje Kunst is probably going to be a tiny version of Feminine Fear. To be continued!



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